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About Boob Food

Our Brand...

Boob FoodTM  are chewy, vegan, and delicious gluten free cookies that provide energy to the whole family, but geared toward a nursing mom.  Moms are saying it helps produce up to 5 more oz. of breast milk.  

+ 100% Vegan 

+ 100% Gluten-Free

+Fenugreek free, no dairy, no soy

+ Supports a nursing mom stay full and produce up to 5 more oz of breast milk

We also provide delicious brownies, relaxing teas, and savory garnish that all support milk production.


Our story begins..

My husband and I are creatives that never seem to stop. When we had our first daughter in 2014, I remember being worried if the amount of breastmilk my body was making was adequate for my little baby girl. I also remember being famished throughout the day and would snack on nuts and fruits. I started researching lactation cookies and I soon started experimenting with different lactation recipes. I quickly noticed that when I would pump at night, I was pumping more milk than I normally would after I ate one of  my lactation cookies.


I consider my cookie to give you the "healthy calories" your body needs - AND it's packed with milk producing ingredients such as oats, brewer's yeast, flaxseed, dates, almonds, and many more.

Be sure to check out my daughter, Elle, and I in our cooking show, Baking with Toddlers, where you can learn easy and creative treats to cook in the kitchen with your little one. 


Baking is not only fun for toddlers but also a great sensory experience. And once your finished, the whole family gets to enjoy the dessert you made together. 

Click on the picture to watch the series on Amazon.

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