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So, what's in the cookies?


Boob Food Cookies are made with healthy milk producing ingredients that include whole oats, brewer's yeast, and flaxseed. These are ingredients known to help increase breast milk for nursing mothers. I've mixed these nutritional ingredients with the delicious taste of dates (also a milk booster) and vegan chocolate chips to create a cookie that is not only filling after you've eaten one, but the properties within the cookie can also help you produce up to 5 oz more breast milk.

1. Whole oats contain iron, they're filling, and packed with fiber which is known to boost your energy. And nursing moms need that extra kick of energy and calories that oats can provide. 

2. Brewer's yeast is one of the best natural sources of B vitamins, which are essential to overall health to a woman, especially a nursing mom. 

3. Flaxseed is rich in omega 3s, which is an essential fatty acids and necessary to a nursing mom's diet.

Shelf Life?


The shelf life for each bag you order is two months unopened. Once you open them, they'll stay yummy and fresh for a week.  

Boob Food Cookies are great as a filling snack and yes, you can share them with the whole family. lf you aren't nursing, don't worry, you can eat and enjoy them too. 

I'm pregnant. Can I eat the cookies?

Boob Food Cookies are a healthy and nutritious cookie that supports milk production once a mother starts breast feeding. Therefore, you don't need to start eating the cookies until after labor. If you insist, we always recommend speaking to your healthcare provider as certain people can be more sensitive than others to some of the milk-boosting ingredients in the cookie. 

How many can I eat?

There are 12 cookies in a bag. I say eating two cookies a day will help a mom see  up to 5 more oz of breast milk either the next day or within the week.  If you are really hungry eat another or the whole bag.  

I've tested the cookies on a lot of nursing momma's and have found that if you eat 2 cookies a day, it has helped moms see results within the week, with up to 5 oz more breast milk. Other moms saw results within the day.

Although there hasn’t been specific research on lactation cookies and products, there is evidence that supports that key ingredients used in Boob Food are known to help support milk production. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that every woman will see the same results. 


Please remember, Boob Food Cookies are a freshly baked item and perishable with no added preservatives, if you have a problem we will work with you but we can not refund your order.

 vegan | gluten-free 

fenugreek free  |  no dairy

made with love | no preservatives

tested on friends | baked in USA

What are customers saying?

“They are the holy grail of lactation cookies.”


“I've tried a lot of lactation cookies out there, and not only do these taste the best, but they also actually work.”

- Brandi Milloy, reporter and producer, POPSUGAR

“Not only are they nutritious for everyone in the family, but are actually designed to increase milk supply for mamas.”

- @thecoastalblonde

“I’ve been trying these cookies for three days now and I can see an improvement in my supply.”

- @alianajolie

"My little one is exclusively breastfed so when I noticed a dip in my supply, I freaked. I noticed results after a few days of eating these morsels of heaven and have just placed my third order- I'm hooked."

- Jamie Tisdale, actress


 "I seriously saw an increase that night and even more so the next day. I am trying to be mindful of my food choices, but this one is tasty, healthy, and helped to increase my supply."

Ami Copeland Jones 

"These are seriously delicious...definitely better than everything else out there!"

Carrie Holloran 

"I go through major nursing hurdles and I’m grateful for boob food cookies helping me maintain my supply! I’ve tried many brands that haven’t helped nearly as much."

Annie Immello

Check out 2 awesome IG stories above. 

The Florida Georgia Line singer, Tyler Hubbard, and his wife Hayley welcomed their first child in December. Not only is Hayley a fan of Boob Food Cookies but she slipped her husband a bag and he enjoys them for the taste!   Thanks for the shout out!

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